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The La Dadekotopon Municipality Assembly (LaMDA) has been criticised for demonstrating a lack of commitment to enforce its own regulations leading to persistent pollution from an unauthorised factory.

A leader of the residents association at La, Mrs. Linda Stepper, expressed frustration that the Municipal Assembly is still looking on, while a plastic manufacturing factory, Edisaw Company Limited continues to operate.

Only weeks ago, the Municipal Assembly had said it had shut the factory down after years of citizen advocacy.

The residents say a day living in the neighbourhood is uncomfortable and distressing. There are fumes from the burning of plastics which inhibit breathing and a near 24-hour noise pollution.

Sometimes the voltage in the area drops when the machines in the factory are switched on, Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah, who is part of the residents association complained.

The municipal authorities in a report cited by stated that "an industrial factory within a zoned residential area is wrong".

It also said the factory is operating without an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessment of its activities and therefore cannot be given a building permit.

In February, the Assembly promised to close down the facility within a month. The factory appears to have ceased operations for some weeks.

Mrs. Linda Stepper told Joy FM's Super Morning Show Monday, she got confirmation from the MCE, Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey, indicating the factory had been shut down.

But last week Thursday, the noise began signalling a resumption of operations.

"The factory is working...nothing has changed," she expressed frustration after a three-year advocacy and is convinced there is a deliberate effort within the municipal assembly to preserve the factory.

She said the company intends to stay because what began as a wooden structure is now a permanent storey block.

"They still want to work," she said although the factory had asked for time to close down last year.

She said she has been informed the factory is seeking a permit from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Association will now consider legal action against the factory and the municipal assembly "because it looks like they are not taking us seriously."