Constitute NLC now – Labour Federation

The Ghana Federation of Labour is appealing to government to expedite action in appointing and swearing in new members of the National Labour Commission (NLC).

In a letter dated 8 March 2018, Secretary General of the Federation, Abraham Koomson, expressed disappointment “about the undue delay”, indicating that the current situation “is unhealthy for industrial peace and stability in the country”.

The Federation explained that it has been almost five months after the term of office of the previous members of the Commission ended, yet “government has delayed and/or failed to appoint new members…”

The federation is concerned that “over 1000 cases currently pending at the Commission which need to be adjudicated” are idle, and “this does not seem to be a matter of concern to government”.

The federation pointed out that the Commission is the forum for justice in times of industrial dispute, and so any more delays in getting the Commission in place will not be welcome.